Ford Taylor and Patrick Williams discuss the seven most common constraints found in businesses and organizations. Most of the time, the first apparent constraint is leadership style and culture. Although these are seven different constraints, they are all connected and intertwined. Fixing these constraints leads to productivity and success.

Questions explored in this episode:

  • What are the seven constraints found in businesses and organizations?
  • How can I manage the policies, not the people?
  • How can being aware of these restraints help improve my organization?
  • Why is vision so important?
  • My company/organization/family is having these issues. Now what?

Ford Taylor and Patrick Williams give practical and implementable tools to transform individuals, organizations, families, cities, and nations.

About the hosts:
Ford Taylor is a leadership solutions trainer, strategist, and speaker. With a primary emphasis on the people who serve an organization while simultaneously maintaining a clear focus on the business or organization itself, Ford shares straight-forward, practical solutions through authentic leadership training and individualized leadership consulting. Ford helps to both define and navigate leadership in today’s business culture with an empathetic intelligence derived from decades of experience with an array of people, personalities, and companies both large and small.

Patrick Williams met Ford Taylor in 2014, and his life was truly “transformed.” Learning, sharing, and modeling the tools and ingredients of Transformational Leadership has profoundly impacted not only his marriage and relationships but also his business interests, community involvement, and faith. Patrick loves people and lives to encourage others to be the best versions of themselves.