With special guest Dan McNeil, we will discuss our personal experiences with organizations and the strategies we implement to be successful in different aspects of life. We will demonstrate how to use a Six-Step Apology approach to fix your mistakes and show transparency.

Questions explored in this episode:

  1. How can I be successful in personal and professional relationships?
  2. What can I do to be a successful leader when I’ve made mistakes?
  3. What are ways I can gain the trust of those who I influence?
  4. What is the Six-Step Apology?
  5. Why is transparency an attribute of a good leader?

About the guest:

Dan McNeil is known as a leader who solves unique business constraints, utilizing practical solutions, while teaching organizations how to create high-performing, sustainable teams. Dan was the founder and president of Apex Restoration, LCC, leading them to start up to year-over-year dramatic annual growth in revenues and industry leading profitability. He then joined another PE firm to start BKA Restoration of Ohio, LCC in the role as president. He holds many industry certifications and his companies have been awarded on several occasions. Dan now lives his passion of helping companies reach and exceed their performance and quality of life dreams.